thats rly messed up clara

in honor of there bein a new episode today heres an old classic comic bc ive just had my wisdom teeth out and my mouth is sore and i cant be bothered to draw anything new for a few more hours

so, I finished watching In the Flesh three days ago. this TV show is something incredible and fantastic and brilliant and etc. that’s not why I’m writing this post.
so… I had finished it and was really depressed because of the ending. like I NEED MOAR, WHY THE HELL THERE IS NO 3RD SEASON, WHY THE HELL IT’S NOT EVEN DECIDED, #SaveInTheFlesh kind ofdepressed. so for these three days I was kinda obsessed like a really really crazy fangirl. I rewatched my favorite moments for like billion times (I think I’ve even memorized every word already), I read the script zillion times, I read interviews, I watched interviews, I can’t even tell what I didn’t do.
aaaaaaand, finally I decided to move on (sorry if I sound too pathetic) and I picked a random TV show (The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson) that I heard a couple of weeks ago. AND LOOK WHO IS THERE. FREAKING EMMETT SCANLAN. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE WHY WHY WHY WHAT DID I DO WRONG WHY IS IT YOU UGH UGH. at first I hadn’t even believed my eyes. I know that I’m being silly, but I needed to distract myself from ITF, but it got even worse D:

p.s. sorry for my badbadbad English
p.p.s. how to stop obsessing over the tv show, how to stop crying over the tv show, how to stop this really massive crush on Luke Newberry, omg how to get a life after ITF (it’s just sososo perfect π_π)

luhan trying to save the reputation of jongin's nipples with paper towels


jongin emerging victoriously from the mud pit… or not ( + having his two best friends witness his fail )

Taekai’s touching friendship causes Running Man members to cry

4 syllables game with Kai &Taemin~