if opposites attract why aren’t i covered in hot people right now

points at band:they're fucking idiots
points at favorite member:he's the worst

the way he’s touching his arm + his stupidness


in the flesh + colors



Hannibal avoiding Will Graham in season 3



This is 100% what happened during that scene and if you disagree you’re just lying to yourself.

best friend of the year.


Q: Your character has this really deliberate way of smelling a glass of wine. You pause and you do this (interviewer pretends to swirl a glass of wine counter-clockwise under her nose)
Mads: It’s the other way, from left to right, actually. I don’t know where I got that.

Q: The other way around. Right. Hannibal does that every time!

Mads: I know NOTHING about wine. I drink beer. The thing is, he’s such a cultivated person, right? And just pulling out a chair for someone has never been in my genetics. So I have to invent things for myself. And sniffing the wine, it was my own little idea, but you know, no one has complained so far. And I didn’t want him to sniff directly because his nose is so sensitive, right. So I wanted it to be just a little ways away from his nose. [x]

Like a big old mess, that’s me!